Bob Tapscott

Management Consultant, the Tapscott Group - The Blockchain Institute

Mr.  Tapscott is a recognized information technology strategist, CIO, leader, and architect with a diversified background in organizational creation and transformation.  Bob, as a consultant and as an advisor to CIOs of some of the world’s largest companies has driven innovations from concept creation to market disruption, delivering millions in proven results, both above and below the line. As business moves from technology enabled to technology driven, Bob has driven innovation from the art of the doable to the art of the possible. 

Bob has consulted on the intersection of strategy and emerging technologies to CEOs and CIOs for a variety of multinationals, including VMware, Citi, JPMorgan, Disney, BestBuy, and DIRECTV, on topics including security, Business Intelligence / analytics, cloud computing, and social software.  He also advised SAP on how to deploy emerging technologies to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness and greater market presence.  His recent efforts include creating the Social Enterprise, ITaaS / SaaS, IT conformance to Best Practices / Security, Analytics / Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing.  

Bob’s extensive background in successfully developing and implementing disruptive strategies from concept through systems design and implementation includes the training, organizational restructuring, and workflow redesign required to deliver, measure and improve overall corporate performance and customer satisfaction.  His emphasis on metrics, cost-benefit analysis, post-implementation reviews, Software as a Service, and security are leading edge.  His strong analysis, communication, mathematical, and leadership skills and out of the box thinking have ensured his success as an agent of change for his pedigreed clients.  

Bob’s background in high-risk systems from nuclear power reactor maintenance, to Wall Street derivatives, to flying commercial aircraft by computer emphasized the anticipation and mitigation of risk, of both the expected, and the unexpected.