Cy Fenton

President, Digital Business & CIO - Books-A-Million, Inc.

Cy Fenton is Senior Vice President and CIO of Books-A-Million, Inc and President of Books-A-Million has over 300 stores across 5 brands - Books-A-Million, Bookland, Books & Company, 2nd & Charles and Yogurt Mountain. While at Books-A-Million, Cy has held various roles including VP of Store Technology and SVP of Internet Operations. Prior to joining Books-A-Million, Cy was Founder and Principal Consultant of THS, a technical consulting firm serving the music industry in Nashville. He also co-founded NetCentral, Nashville’s first Internet marketing and development agency, which was acquired by Books-A-Million in 1999.   He was named 2014 Public CIO of the Year for Middle Tennessee by the Nashville Business Journal. Cy is very active with industry, government and community groups. He is the Chairman of the National Retail Federation's IT Security Council and serves on the executive committee of the NRF CIO Council. He is a member of the Department of Homeland Security CyberStorm V Planning Group for the Retail Sub-sector.  He is a member of the Orvis Innovation Forum. Cy serves on the Advisory Board for Atlanta based non-profit TechBridge.  He is a member of the MIS Advisory Board for University of Alabama - Culverhouse College of Commerce and the Industrial Advisory Board for the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northwestern University.