Tianbing (TQ) Qian

SVP & CIO - Ports America

Dr. Tianbing Qian (TQ) is SVP & CIO at Ports America, the largest terminal operator and stevedore in U.S. As a member of company’s Executive Leadership Team, TQ leads IT and Digital to enable company's operational excellence and profitable growth.

A customer focused leader with experience across high tech, manufacturing, and transportation, TQ is keen on leveraging technology, process excellence, and innovation to create high-performing global organizations. He has a track record in driving drastic improvement in IT efficiency and business capabilities, transforming complex legacy environments into standardized & cloud-based platforms, improving cyber security posture, executing M&A and spin-off, and delivering large-scale innovative solutions with financial results & competitive edge across sales/marketing, e-Commerce, product development, supply chain, manufacturing, quality, transportation/logistics, and back-office processes. 

Passionate for cross-functional collaboration to drive changes, TQ has been on senior leadership teams for Sales/Marketing, Operations/Supply Chain, Finance, and now Corporate Executive Team. He partners with C-Level Leaders, interacts with BoD, mobilizes transformation synergy, builds talented teams, fosters lean continuous improvement culture, and works with customers to help grow business.

With deep expertise in Analytics, TQ created award-winning hybrid teams to combine IT, Machine Learning, and Business Analysis into integrated capabilities turning data into value-add insights. 

Served as Chief IT architect at global companies, TQ is experienced in creating scalable and adaptive process and tool platforms, with a track record of value creation using digital - including Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Social, Mobile, and IoT.

A lifelong learner, TQ holds 3 advanced degrees and completed executive training in Leadership, Change Management, and Finance. He speaks frequently at industry conferences and is active in community services.