Tom Stumpek

CISO - Lahey Health

Tom Stumpek is the Former Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Technology at General Electric affiliate Electric Insurance Company. He joined Electric Insurance in 2007 from General Electric's corporate office where he was the Global Leader for Enterprise Architecture and New Product Introductions.

IT initiatives at Electric Insurance currently focus on executing a five-year, multi-generation process redesign and system strategy. Based on LEAN Six Sigma methodology, the plan focuses on implementing systems that enhance the customer experience and improve business processes.

Current projects include a single web interface platform used by customers, independent and internal agents, creation of a master customer record system that leverages cloud-based services, and a recently deployed claims and service mobile application slated for additional capabilities in 2012.

Tom joined GE in 1993 and went on to hold IT leadership assignments at GE Corporate before becoming Chief Technology Officer of both GE Commercial Finance and GE Plastics, where he earned his Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He was GE's Technical Project Manager for its first Web site ( in 1994), first Intranet, first eCommerce site, and first wireless application. Tom holds his B.S. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Tom currently serves on the Information Technology Committee for Northeast Health Systems and was a charter member of the Verizon Wireless Technology Board of Directors.