• Landing a Coveted Board Seat

    Renee Arrington, SVP and Global CIO Practice Leader at Pearson Partners International, discusses steps that interested CIOs can take to prepare for and secure a desirable board position.

  • Is the CDO a real thing?

    I have been doing a number of CDO searches recently. My first reaction to a CDO search inquiry is, if you want a CDO, you don’t have a decent CIO. But it’s not that simple.

  • Leveraging the Benefits of a Cyber Advisory Board in a Tight Market

    By now, everyone is well aware of the acute shortage of cyber security talent. The infamous Target breach of 2013 and the current-day widespread ransomware attacks have been a wakeup call, and major companies across all industries have embraced the need for installing a dedicated cyber security team and program.

  • Enriching the Elements of Effective Leadership

    There are certain qualities that are highly visible in great leaders. These include an ability to communicate a vision with others in the organization, to connect with employees through a leader’s communications style and bring them onboard with their perspective.