Are you innovating with your CEO? Are you effectively communicating the organization’s IT business strategy to the Board of Directors? Are you delivering the level of business innovation that’s expected – and needed? Is your enterprise secure? Looking for expert advice to turbocharge your career? Then look to CELA (CIO & CISO Executive Leadership Alliances).

Ramón Baez - "Helping CIOs on Their Journey" 


CELA is an exclusive technology executive alliance led by Hunter Muller and Ramón Baez, focused around co-developing a research agenda as a group. By invitation only.


CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Alliances

  • The CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Alliances (CELA) are peer-to-peer networks powered by the knowledge and experiences of industry experts. CELA provides off-the-record straight talk to strengthen your decision-making capabilities to help you drive your business forward and to power your career ascent. Read the CIO CELA Brochure and CISO CELA Brochure.

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