news-online-resizedSuperbowl Comeback Was Amazing, But So Were the Drones

There’s no question that Sunday night’s Superbowl featured one of the greatest comebacks in football history. But it also featured an amazing display of technology in the form of 300 synchronized flying drones.

It might seem farfetched, but it won’t be too long before the CEO asks the CIO to explain how drones can be deployed to gain a competitive advantage.

“Synchronized programmable drones are entertaining for sure, and you can see them providing a wow factor like fireworks. They’re easier to control, allow for more elaborate effects, and are reusable. But the technology offers far more practical, and potentially life-saving, applications,” writes Brian Barrett in Wired.

Some of those applications include searching for lost hikers, trapped victims of landslides, and confused elderly people who might have wandered away from their homes. Now’s the time to start thinking about to use drones in your business – before your competitors get their drones up in the air.


Bots in the Workplace

While you’re pondering the role of drones, don’t be surprised if the CEO starts asking you more about how chatbots can drive higher levels of efficiency in the modern workplace.

“Chatbots are invading the business world. Among enterprises, we’re seeing an uptick in their use for customer support automation by the likes of American Express, Royal Dutch Airlines, AT&T, and others across a wide swath of industries. And while customer support is the most obvious use case, bots today are underused as efficiency drivers, and they can have a much larger impact on all aspects of a business for those who learn how to leverage them,” writes David Lee in Venture Beat.

I predict that bots, like drones, will become more common features of the modern workplace – sooner, rather than later.


Will Slack Replace - or Augment - Your HR Team?

Compared to drones and bots, apps don’t seem nearly as exciting. But they’re still incredibly important, and it would be extremely unwise to ignore the impact of trendy apps like Slack, especially when they can be leveraged to gain efficiencies and reduce friction.

Vinayak Ranade posted a great column in LinkedIn, and I recommend it highly. In his post, he envisions using Slack as an innovative HR tool. HR teams that take Slack seriously might even use it to replace recruiters!

Vinayak’s excellent post is definitely worth reading and considering.