breaking-news-resizedAmazon Prepares to Compete with Victoria’s Secret

Now that Amazon is a leader in cloud services, it’s apparently gearing up to compete with Victoria’s Secret in North America. Amazon plans to sell its own private-label brassieres in the US, according to published reports.

“The products are expected to be priced around $10, significantly lower than the bras sold by Victoria's Secret, one of the leading companies in the market which typically sells bras for around $40. Amazon already sells its own line of lingerie products in the UK under the brand Iris & Lilly,” writes Eugene Kim in Business Insider.

Amazon has demonstrated an uncanny ability to compete successfully in almost any kind of market, and this seems the latest example of how the company continually leverages its experience and technology to expand rapidly into new markets.


Customers Increasingly Expect to Interact with Chatbots

Does your user interface include chatbots? Pretty soon, chatbots will be part of the standard UI, and customers will expect to interact with smart assistants when they visit your sites.

It’s reasonable to assume that some of the burden for maintaining chatbots will fall on the shoulders of the CIO and the IT team. That said, now’s the time to begin preparing for an onslaught of customer-facing bots. Will you be ready to handle them?

I recommend reading this article from Entrepreneur. It sets the stage and offers some helpful perspectives on the looming chatbot revolution.


Top Hedge Might Replace Managers with AI

Meanwhile, the world’s largest hedge fund appears set to replace at least some of its managers with artificial intelligence software.

According to reports, Bridgewater Associates is actively working on an AI project that will allow it to augment, substitute and even replace some of its human workers.

“The world’s largest hedge fund is building a piece of software to automate the day-to-day management of the firm, including hiring, firing and other strategic decision-making,” writes Olivia Solon in The Guardian.

This is a fascinating article, and it really demonstrates how rapidly advanced technologies like AI are transforming our world.