ny-sofa-2017-blogThere were numerous incredible and amazing moments during the exceptional 2017 CIO Summit of America held last week at the Grand Hyatt New York, but I wanted to highlight the key takeaways and main messages from our world-class presenters and panelists:

  • Now is the best time ever to be in technology.
  • CIOs, CTOs and CISOs are the rockstars of the 21st century enterprise.
  • Every company is a tech company.
  • Innovate and disrupt -- or be disrupted.
  • The CIO is the CEO of technology.
  • Every CEO needs a CIO who can facilitate, enable and lead innovation in core, adjacent and new markets.
  • 50% of companies in the Fortune 500 today will not be on the list five to ten years from now because they will not make the pivot to digital.
  • In a time of unprecedented change and rapid evolution, courageous leadership is absolutely required.

I was inspired by the leading-edge thought leadership and high-value insight generated by this year’s record-breaking summit. We had great discussions about changing mindsets, taking more risks, adapting to dramatically shorter innovation cycles, transformational leadership, collaborating and connecting across broader networks, and actively seeking opportunities in core, parallel, and new markets.

Candidly, we spoke more about business than about technology – and that’s exactly the kind of evolutionary progress we’ve been striving to achieve as an industry.

The summit’s unique agenda began with an executive interview with Dana Deasy, Managing Director and Global CIO at JPMorgan Chase & Co., on the challenges of transforming IT organizations for the digital age.

Stephen Gold, EVP Business and Technology Operations & CIO at CVS Health, provided a detailed “prescription for the next-generation CIO,” explaining the relevancy and value of cloud-based resources in hyper-competitive and quickly evolving business environments.

Jeetu Patel, SVP of Platform & Chief Strategy Officer at Box, reminded the audience that in today’s connected economy, every company needs to perform like a digital company, fundamentally rethinking its products and the experiences of its customers.

The high-energy event closed with an all-star panel of legendary CIOs taking the stage: Greg Buoncontri, former EVP & CIO, Pitney Bowes, Inc.; Shelley Leibowitz, Former CIO, World Bank; and Randall Spratt, Former EVP, CIO & CTO, McKesson Corporation. Their insights and advice were especially valuable, reflecting decades of leadership experience at the highest levels.

Now in its ninth year, the 2017 CIO Summit of America is a global conference designed for executive leaders which attracts attendees from all markets and industries. The event is designed specifically for technology leaders navigating turbulent markets and dealing with disruptive business models in a rapidly changing world. The summit was conducted in Association Partnership with the New York Metro Chapter of the Society for Information Management (SIM).

Overall, this year’s CIO Summit of America genuinely reflected the seismic shift towards continuous innovation and entrepreneurism by senior tech executives and thought leaders. To find out more about the summit speakers and agenda, visit our website here.

Please plan to attend one of our upcoming summits. We look forward to seeing you there and hearing your viewpoints on our exciting journey to the future of technology leadership.