• Shifting Cyber Security from a Liability to a Productivity Boost

    CISO Thought Leadership: Some cyber security leaders recognize opportunities to shift the mindset from cyber security as a liability to instead leverage security practices to boost productivity. Clif Triplett, Sr. Cyber Security Advisor for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, weighs in on the topic.

  • Information Security in Healthcare: Protecting the Patient

    CISO Thought Leadership: When it comes to cyber security, the healthcare industry is in a precarious position. Investment in cybersecurity has historically lagged other industries such as financial services. And as patients and practitioners increase their use of remote patient monitoring devices, this is placing added pressure on cybersecurity professionals.

  • Mitigating Risk via Better Data Protection

    CISO Thought Leadership: There are obvious reasons why security teams take extensive measures to protect the organization's network to prevent bad guys from accessing and misappropriating data. In the end, it's ultimately about protecting the company's most sensitive data and keeping it out of the wrong hands.

  • Addressing Nation-State Cyber Security Threats to the Enterprise

    CISO Thought Leadership: Nation-state actors - hackers that directly support national governments or those that are organized crime entities hired by a national government - have become progressively more sophisticated. Despite the challenges, there are steps that CISOs can take to detect nation-state intruders.