WESTPORT, Conn., Dec. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hunter Muller, Founder, President and CEO of HMG Strategy, the world's largest independent and most trusted provider of executive networking events, thought leadership, independent research, and executive career acceleration, is excited to announce the stunning 400% year-over-year growth for HMG Strategy’s CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Alliance (CELA) program, a unique peer-to-peer advisory service that’s designed to help top-tier technology leaders tackle their biggest challenges and power their career ascent.

The CELA program, which includes the associated CELA Executive Decision Support (EDS) services and CELA Leadership Institute for rising technology leaders, further validates the unique strengths of this unparalleled, forward-looking advisory model.

“Having Ramón Baez, Former SVP, Customer Advocacy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, join me as Co-Chair of the CELA program has been an invaluable addition to the CELA program this year,” said Muller. “2017 was an incredible year for members of the CELA program as they’ve discovered new opportunities for strengthening their relationships with the CEO and the board of directors while taking their career ascent to new levels.”

Muller points to the Six Benefits of the CELA program for top-tier technology executives to improve their decision-making to drive their businesses forward and powering their career trajectory:


  • Turbocharge your personal network. The invitation-only CELA program connects world-class IT leaders with one another to share their top challenges and proven methods for addressing them.
  • Elevate your professional brand. Through HMG Strategy’s redesigned digital platform, which generates 1 million impressions each week, HMG Strategy can enhance each technology executive’s professional brand by featuring them and their thought leadership in video interviews, inclusion in Hunter’s forthcoming book, and by highlighting CELA members in Hunter’s weekly blog posts and in HMG research articles where CELA members can be profiled. CELA members are also be exposed to the industry’s top search executives and can receive peer advice from top-tier CIOs on best practices for boosting their personal trademark. In addition, CELA members are able to strengthen their personal pedigree by presenting at CELA meetings amongst peers and by being interviewed for topical and forward-thinking CELA research reports.
  • Becoming boardroom-ready. The CELA group regularly discusses best practices for strengthening relationships with the C-suite and the board and dispenses advice for landing a coveted board seat with a publicly-held company.
  • Mastering IT controls while delivering new waves of value to the enterprise. CELA members discover innovative approaches from their peers for identifying and pitching revenue-generating opportunities to the CEO along with new opportunities for reducing operational costs.
  • Crafting a digital roadmap that’s aligned with your organization’s top business goals. The CELA group regularly explores best practices for driving digital execution as a CIO along with steps for ensuring that digital strategies succeed.
  • Be on the cutting edge of innovation. HMG Strategy’s partnerships with Silicon Valley’s top venture capital companies connect CELA members to the technology startups that can fuel their company’s future revenue growth.


For CIOs and technology executives who are looking for expertise from forward-thinking peers who can offer their expertise and hands-on experience in specific disciplines, HMG Strategy has also introduced CELA Executive Decision Support (EDS) services. Backed by HMG Strategy’s award-winning research team, CELA EDS services offer peer-to-peer conversations and insights from practitioners on the top challenges and opportunities facing CIOs and technology executives, including:

  • Best practices for crafting one-, three-, and five-year digital roadmaps.
  • Data analytics and business intelligence proficiency.
  • Peer guidance on becoming boardroom-ready.
  • Recruiting, retaining, and nurturing an adaptive IT workforce.

Meanwhile, the CELA Leadership Institute is a hands-on IT leadership development program for rising VPs and IT Directors who receive 1-to-1 expert coaching, practical webinars and custom research focused on enhancing skill sets and harnessing innovative leadership capabilities.

“With business moving at the speed of light, CIOs typically don’t have enough time to adequately nurture the next generation of IT leaders,” said Muller. “But as the business landscape continues to evolve, leadership development is urgently needed to prepare up-and-coming IT executives to help guide the future direction of the enterprise.”

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