Hunter Muller, President and CEO, HMG Strategy

World’s largest independent and most trusted provider of executive networking events and thought leadership to support the 360-degree needs of CIOs, CISOs and technology executives is seeking dynamic talent in sales, marketing, social media and other areas

WESTPORT, Conn., September 27, 2019 – HMG Strategy is looking for motivated entry-level employees to continue its world-class internship program and driven full-time executives to expand the company’s outreach and growth.

As the world’s most trusted, independent provider of executive networking events, HMG Strategy is constantly evolving. In addition to producing 70-plus executive networking events each year in North America and Europe, the company has significantly expanded its digital resource center in recent years, compiling a massive collection of videos, research articles, white papers, webinars, case studies, and other digital content assets.

To ensure that HMG Strategy continues to address the needs of top technology leaders globally, the company is actively recruiting fresh talent to join its team.

Internship opportunities

Led by Hunter Muller, HMG Strategy’s Founder, President and CEO, the company’s interns have the unique opportunity to launch their careers within the context of the world’s best executive leadership network. In a time of intense innovation and business disruption across global markets, our interns learn and grow in our high-energy culture, making connections with some of the world’s brightest and most influential technology leaders along the way.

Immediate internship vacancies to be filled include:

  • Delegate Outreach Intern
  • Partner/Vendor Outreach Intern
    • Market sponsorships to large global corporations, communicating with high-level C-suite executives
  • Recognition Program Intern: 
    • Inject innovation into growing the industry’s leading recognition program for high-achieving CIOs, CISOs and technology executives

HMG Strategy is holding an Open House for internship candidates at its headquarters on Friday, October 4th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET. HMG Strategy is located at 191 Post Road West, 2nd Floor in Westport, CT. For more information, contact Executive Director of Operations Peggy Pedwano at

Full-time opportunities

Helping to grow the HMG brand, our executives and employees each play a significant role in supporting the leadership trajectory of technology executives and contribute to the innovation that has set HMG Strategy apart in the industry.

Current roles we are looking to fill include:

  • Research Director
  • Regional Sales Executive
  • Business Development Executive
  • Community Expert
  • Social Media Manager

Full-time candidates who are interested in learning more about these opportunities can contact Peggy Pedwano, Executive Director of Operations, at

To learn more about HMG Strategy and the differentiated services it provides to technology executives, visit us at

About HMG Strategy

HMG Strategy is the world's largest independent and most trusted provider of executive networking events and thought leadership to support the 360-degree needs of technology leaders. Our regional CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Series, newsletters, authored books, and digital Resource Center deliver proprietary research on leadership, innovation, transformation, and career ascent.

The HMG Strategy global network consists of over 400,000 senior IT executives, industry experts and world-class thought leaders.

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