HMG Strategy’s Live and Interactive Webinars: Driving Engagement and Sharing Thought Leadership with Your Key Connections

Customized webinars provide an invaluable opportunity for your company to strengthen its brand and share its thought leadership in an interactive setting with the technology executives it’s looking to engage with.

HMG Strategy offers a number of webinar formats for sponsor partners, ranging from synergistic discussions between HMG Strategy President and CEO Hunter Muller with a subject matter expert from your company to client case studies and moderated dialogues.

HMG Strategy offers customized and co-branded 60-minute webinars that aligns the messaging your organization is looking to extend to targeted technology and services buyers within the 300,000-plus technology executives in the HMG Strategy community. 

HMG’s webinar package includes hosting services, production, rehearsal, project management, and delivery of the archived asset. For an additional fee, HMG can create content, abstract, provide moderation and develop seed questions. 

Sponsor partner benefits include:

  • Connecting with top-tier CIOs, CISOs, and technology/services buyers in the HMG community (typical attendance 100-150 attendees)
  • Target marketing by title, role and industry distributed through five campaigns 
  • HMG’s editorial team will customize the marketing materials used to promote your organization’s webinar
  • HMG will promote your webinar on our homepage, through targeted email outreach, and newsletter promotions and social media messaging
  • Receive qualified leads both pre- and post-event via archived webcasts


Interested in learning more about HMG Strategy’s webinars? Contact us at webinars@hmstrategy.com


Upcoming Webinars

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Beyond the IT Stacks: Connecting humans and robots for greater Digital Transformation

The latest wave of RPA is bringing forth greater interplay between humans and robots, creating new opportunities for employers to broaden their skill sets while delivering a torrent of value to the companies they work for. 

Okta Webinar Graphic

Not All Rip and Replace: How to Successfully Transition to a Modern Infrastructure

Discover a better way to modernize enterprise infrastructure and applications while preserving investments in legacy systems.

Archived Webinars

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Walking the Tightrope of Rising Customer Expectations - Lessons from the CIO of Zendesk.
This Free Webinar Will Show You:

  • How customer expectations are changing.
  • Exactly how businesses can and should respond.
  • And some best practices of companies that deliver delightful customer experiences.

Selecting a Technology Partner to Meet Your Organization’s Future State Goals
Key Takeaways:

  • The factors that CIOs and their IT teams must weigh in determining which technology companies to partner with going forward
  • A workday client that is successfully driving innovation and a comparison of the results they’ve achieved compared to their former vendor
  • The business and operational benefits that companies have generated by partnering with progressive technology vendors

Darktrace-HMG Strategy webinar on leveraging AI for cybersecurity

Organizations continue to adopt cloud and SaaS services as executives embrace the ability to reduce operating expenses while supporting digital transformation and efficiency gains across the business. This helps explain why 83% of enterprise workloads are expected to run in the cloud by 2020. 

How Digital Mastery Can Drive Business Innovation ft. Timo Elliott, Hunter Muller, Tom Hoffman

A recent CIO survey conducted by Deloitte found that 58% of CIO's believe that "helping in business innovation" is a core expectation of the IT organization. Thanks to their unique views into how people, processes, and technology come together across the enterprise, CIO's provide an exceptional ability to identify opportunities for designing and strengthening the intelligent enterprise. This includes the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain and analytics in helping to make supply chains to be intelligent, responsive and predictive.

Mastering the Building Blocks to Business Innovation ft. Amanda Grey, Hunter Muller, Tom Hoffman

CEO’s are more confident about their organization’s prospects for driving revenue growth in 2018 than they have been in the past ten years, according to PwC’s 21st Annual Global CEO Survey. However, CEOs have grown more cautious about the likelihood for achieving revenue growth beyond 2018. Helping to fuel this cynicism are heightened concerns over the speed of technological change along with worries about the organization losing its technological edge (44% of CEOs in 2018, up from 11% in 2013).