A recent independent Tolly Group study showed that Awake Security is 2.5x more accurate than the competition and reduces operational overhead by 1500%. Given these results in the real-world Awake was recently recognized by the industry leading analyst firm Frost and Sullivan as a visionary for network detection and response.

EntityIQ™ is the world’s only AI-based security knowledge graph that identifies, profiles, and tracks all the devices, users and applications with just a network connection. No integrations and no agents required!  

Adversarial Modelling™ is an industry-first capability that uses heuristics with EntityIQ™ to identify attackers based on their intent. By understanding mal-intent, versus looking for only specific indicators of an attack, Awake greatly improves the ability to see and stop attackers, especially those that are living-off-the-land. 

Ava™ is the world’s first security expert system that enables autonomous triage and investigations without ever moving customer data outside their infrastructure. Ava uses federated machine learning, open source intelligence, and human expertise to deliver these capabilities through software. Ava acts as a security decision support system allowing your team to operate more effectively.

Awake Security Explained

Network Traffic Analysis Customer Testimonial-John Chesson

Awake Security Platform Technology Walkthrough

Read More: Awake Security wins Frost and Sullivan’s prestigious Visionary Innovation Leadership Award. Read on for why this industry-leading analyst firm believes Awake is at the cutting edge of advanced network traffic analysis. Whitepaper

About Awake Security

Awake Security is the only advanced network detection and response company that delivers answers, not alerts. By combining artificial intelligence with human expertise, Awake autonomously models and hunts for both insider and external attacker behaviors, while providing triage, digital forensics and incident response across the new network—perimeter, core, IoT and cloud networks. The Awake Security Platform does this by deeply analyzing billions of network communications to autonomously discover, profile and classify every device, user and application across any network. Using a multi-dimensional machine learning approach, Awake then models complex adversarial behaviors and connects the dots across entities, time, protocols and attack stage. Unlike legacy network detection and response tools that rely primarily on unsupervised learning to spot anomalies from “normal” baselines, Awake instead compares entity behaviors to the peer group and the rest of the organization. This enables Awake to deliver threat detections with low false positives and negatives and provides the context necessary for triage, incident response and remediation. Awake is also thus able to avoid temporal baselining and ongoing training challenges that add to operational overhead. Independent testing proves out these differentiators and shows Awake is more than twice as accurate and produces almost 1500% less noise than the competition. Awake is ranked #1 by EMA for time to value and was recognized as the #1 information security solution being evaluated by global 1000 companies in Enterprise Technology Research’s (ETR) Summer 2019 Emerging Technology Study. Awake is backed by Greylock Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, Evolution Equity Partners, Energize Ventures and Liberty Global Ventures.

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