Are you worried about account compromise in your SaaS applications, or concerned that a user will overshare the wrong document? In a cloud-first world, security teams need to detect SaaS security problems, investigate them, and fix them, all from a central place.

Obsidian cloud detection & response gives you continuous visibility and monitoring of users, data, and applications: Who is in your SaaS apps? Should they have access? Are they doing the right thing? Obsidian installs in minutes to give you SaaS security, and is designed in a way that does not slow down your employees or cause problems for the business.

Why Have Traditional SaaS Companies Left Vulnerabilities Open?

What is the Mission at Obsidian Security?

How Can People Get Started With Obsidian Security?

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About Obsidian Security

Obsidian Cloud Detection and Response delivers frictionless security for SaaS. With unified visibility across applications, users, and data, security teams can quickly investigate breaches, uncover insider threats, and harden the security of their cloud environments with no negative impact to production. Using a unique identity-centric approach, Obsidian is capable of stopping even the most advanced attacks across SaaS and cloud services. Obsidian was founded by industry veterans from Cylance, Carbon Black and the NSA, and is backed by Greylock Partners, Wing, and GV.

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