Aaron Thomann

Global sCIO Strategic Business Units, Supply Chain & Engineering - GE Healthcare

Aaron Thomann is the Global CIO for Strategic Business Units, Supply Chain & Engineering for GE Healthcare.  Aaron is responsible for technology value creation, program delivery, digital strategy, and overall digital operations for the Imaging, LCS and Ultrasound businesses inclusive of Supply Chain and Engineering for our global GE Healthcare business.  Prior to this role, Aaron was the enterprise CTO where he ran overall operations, infrastructure, ERPs, integrations, and enterprise architecture.  Aaron has been with GE for 19 years, having roles in Capital, Consumer & Industrial, and Healthcare.  He has lead teams in commercial, service, and finance in program management, enterprise architecture and design, as well as overall technology leadership.  Aaron has a broad background in technology, and the fine arts, when he is a lifelong musician and has years of professional theater direction, performance, and board membership. 

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