Adil Rahman LI

Adil Rahman

Digital Strategy & Growth Lead - Bayer Crop Science

Adil Rahman is a strategy lead on Bayer’s Crop Science Digital Strategy and Innovation team. In this role, he works with the Corporate Strategy team to identify strategic acquisitions, partnerships and growth opportunities in the digital space.

Bayer Crop Science continually looks to leverage its strong balance sheet and align new investments to its corporate vision and business strategy by exploring opportunities to acquire new businesses or create new business partnerships.  

Adil joined Bayer’s information technology team in 2006. As an innovator and thought leader Adil has delivered multitude of digital platforms in the Ag space.  He is passionate about applying technology to transform agriculture and customer experience, and building integrated products & services to unlock new growth and digital revenue.

Adil has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan and a MBA from Washington University, St. Louis MO. 

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