Allen Spokane

Allen Spokane

CTO - Carisk Partners

Mr. Spokane has more than 20 years professional experience as a senior IT Manager. In his current role, he has leveraged his infrastructure experse to transform the organization’s data center to utilize virtualization and cloud computing. Mr. Spokane started his career as a developer and worked with various Microsoft-based development and database platforms in a variety of business sengs with an emphasis on healthcare technology. He has extensive experience in database design and architecture in CRM, direct marketing and home-grown ERP Systems. Aer holding several VP positions in IT, he gained extensive experience in infrastructure and operations. He considers himself a “hands-on” executive and has always maintained close es back to his roots in development and infrastructure. Mr. Spokane currently serves as Executive Vice President of the Society for Information Management's New Jersey Chapter (SIM-NJ), aer serving three terms as Vice President of Programs. Mr. Spokane earned a BS in Business from Ithaca College. He lives in western New Jersey with his wife, Sandra, and two daughters, Marissa and Olivia, ages 18 and 13, respectively. In his off me, he is an avid classic car fan and enjoys running and camping with his family.

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