Allen Wuescher

Vice President & CIO - Toshiba

As Vice President and CIO of Toshiba International Incorporated (TIC), Allen is leading digital transformation efforts for Toshiba’s Industrials Systems and Solutions business segment in the USA. Activities that he is responsible for associated with TIC’c digital transformation strategy include system selections and implementations and the evaluation and deployment of new technology in the spaces of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Storage, Data Analytics and Edge Computing. Allen’s professional mission is to transform Toshiba’s industrials manufacturing sector from a pure products based company into a “cyber services” company. The two overarching attributes necessary for achieving his mission is comradery and communication. Allen is successful in bringing diverse thinking to the table to agree on targets and reach common goals. In his time at Toshiba he has overseen the successful implementations of new ERP Systems, the creation of Toshiba’s IOT industrial technology platform, and the establishment and care of numerous new business partnerships necessary for TIC’s survival in the digital age. Most recently, Allen has led combined teams between third party resources and TIC engineers to construct IOT proof of concepts that address specific customer and business issues.

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