Anand Bhadouria

Chief Technologist and CTO - Cloud - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Anand Bhadouria is a strategic, Cloud Technology leader with over 22 years of global experience in application & IT infrastructure, Management Consulting, Enterprise Architecture, Pre-Sales and Project Management. Currently Anand is working with HP as Cloud Chief Technologist and helps HP customers on building Helion OpenStack based Hybrid Cloud. Prior to joining HP, Anand was working as Sr. Technology Strategist/ Enterprise Architect at Rackspace, helping F1000 customers in the Eastern region of the US. Anand was writing regular blogs and whitepapers on Big Data, Cloud Strategy and Cloud Security on Rackspace’s website. Anand has spent multiple years with EMC Consulting, Infosys and Nortel Networks. Additionally, he has served as a consultant at numerous firms, including Comcast, US Trust Bank, Fidelity, CVS, Northwestern Mutual, Citi Group, GMAC, Axis Capitol, Wal-Mart, Biogen Idec, Royal Bank of Canada, Pfizer , NSTAR and many more. Anand has received his Master of Science degree in Management and Engineering from the MIT Sloan School of Management and MIT College of Engineering. Anand is also a guest lecturer at MIT for a System Architecture graduate level course and talks about Cloud Strategy & Architecture.