Anna Ransley

Vice President, Global Information Services - Heineken

Anna Ransley is a strategic and multidisciplinary technology executive serving as a Vice President, GIS and leading the IT function at Heineken USA. This multi-faceted role consists developing and executing an ambitious technology strategy for a very progressive organization by championing leading edge digital efforts as well as rebuilding core back-office systems to modernize the workplace.

Her extensive experience of setting and achieving business strategies by innovative application of technical solutions and re-engineering, ranges from implementing ERP and CRM Systems, leveraging big data and predictive analytics to uncover revenue generating insights to leading cross-functional teams in large organizational transformations.

Anna is an accomplished practitioner with career highlights that include:

  • leading a large international data and business intelligence organization at Boerhinger Ingelheim – a global Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical,
  • heading an end-to-end development practice at Connolly, Inc – an audit recovery firm,
  • running departments responsible for global integration, data warehousing, data architecture, and master data management at Hyperion Solutions - a leading Software company acquired by Oracle,
  • and consulting assignments at Keane that exposed her to a number of fortune 100 companies and industries to frame her perspective.

Anna has a special interest in transforming teams into business differentiating partners, and believes that one of the easiest ways of accomplishing that is through developing organizational talent that has both depth in technology and business drivers to take advantage of rapidly changing landscape of technological advances.