Ariel is a senior cybersecurity expert, serial entrepreneur, and author. Ariel is the CEO of Cyber Innovative Technologies, a cyber risk management platform company and the founder of Cyber Intelligence 4U (CIU) an educational cybersecurity company. She has won numerous awards including the EU Commission award for Innovation in cyber risk and Gartner Cool Vendor in Privacy Management. 

Ariel is the pioneer of the digital asset approach to cyber risk.  She is the author of ‘Managing Cyber Risk*’ published by Routledge Press in April of 2019.  Her book is based upon three years of research with the Fortune 1000 and cyber insurance industry.  Over 200 interviews were done identifying the gaps in company maturity and cyber risk compared to with over 20 company metrics.  The result is what Ariel defines as ‘the digital asset approach.’  Over 85 percent of a business is now in digital form compared to 10% in 2001.  That means 85% of a business’s value is digital.  The book provides the basis to measure digital asset risk with use cases for measuring cyber resilience, cyber insurance needs, M&A risk quantification, resource and budgeting needs in metrics that boards and directors can understand.

Founded in 2018, Cyber Intelligence 4U is a cyber education services company that provides leading courses for universities, organizations and individuals focused on filling the gaps in traditional education that are needed to meet the challenges of the digital age.  These include the use of the hands-on learning for students.  The courses include enterprise cybersecurity, executive cybersecurity, cyber risk, cloud, mobile, vendor and technical training needs, including a challenge based offensive and defensive cybersecurity program.  The offensive defensive cybersecurity program uses a gamified approach developed by former National Security Agency (NSA) elite. Over 4000 students have gone through the programs in 2018.  Clients include Verizon, AM Best, Citibank, Pace University and Rutgers University.

Her most recent product company, Cyber Innovative Technologies has patented this approach and created a platform called VRisk for cyber risk management that has a cyber risk engine and management platform.  The risk engine is graphically based and can be used to create the metrics mentioned in the preceding paragraph.  The management platform is a set of dashboards, reposts and workflows that are role based for directors and officers including CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, DPOs, CROs, compliance teams, vendors, regulators and auditors. 

Previously, she created a value-added distribution company for Israeli Cyber Security companies that was sold for 20x revenues.  Formerly, she was a founder of two software companies in the US that were spun and sold to BMC and, a Kleiner Perkins company.  Additionally, she was the Acting Chief Information Security Officer for a Telco subsidiary in the U.S. and was responsible for the establishment of the Information Security division, from the very initial stage of defining the security and compliance requirements to the assimilation of IT security and compliance programs across the firm. She was accountable for IT security policies and procedures, governance and standardization of all security and compliance related IT activities and risk management.

Ariel has sat on the board as a cyber expert for several companies. Her insight into regulation, governance and business connectivity technology allows Ariel to provide expert guidance to the Department of Homeland Security, The Payment Card Industry & other governing bodies that are accountable for reducing risk and ensuring secure financial, medical and personal data. Ariel is the primary author of the PCI Security Council e-commerce guidelines issued in January of 2013.

Ariel has her undergraduate degree in Nuclear Physics and her M.B.A from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Ariel is the faculty chairperson of Rutgers University’s Executive Cyber Program and is also a guest lecturer at Tel Aviv University, NYU, and Hebrew University. 

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