Ben de Bont

Ben De Bont

VP & CISO - IBM Cloud

Serving as the Chief Information Security Officer and Vice President for IBM Cloud and IBM Watson, Ben is responsible for the overall risk posture and corresponding security, compliance and privacy efforts across all related product portfolios and business units. With over 20 years of experience, Ben has worked with a diverse number of highly regulated industries and is an expert at securing complex cloud infrastructures and computing platforms at scale. Prior to IBM, Ben was the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for HP Cloud where he secured the world’s largest open source cloud based on OpenStack architecture. Proceeding HP, Ben led the MySpace Security Group as Director of Information Security (CISO), and sat upon the Global News Corporation Security Committee, working extensively with the Dow Jones and 20th Century Fox to create an all-encompassing News Corporation security strategy with a focus on social media and studio content protection, application security and intellectual property protective mechanisms. Ben previously led the Incident Response Group for Microsoft’s Online Services, and held security responsibility for Hotmail, MSN Messenger and Search (now Bing) business units. He is a frequent speaker and enthusiastic member of the security community, contributing to groups such as OWASP and the Cloud Security Alliance. Ben is also an active member (joined 2013) and co-lead of the Technology & Innovation Council for “Business Executives for National Security” (BENS), whose mission is to address the national security community’s most pressing challenges. He is also a board and founding member (2017) of the “CyberCrime Support Network” (CSN), which is public/private non-profit partnership created to foster collaboration and create training and resources within law enforcement and consumer ecosystems to protect Americans by ensuring that cyber security victims are jointly supported by federal, state, and local resources. Ben holds a MS degree in Computer Science from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, and his undergraduate degree from the same institution. His major was in encryption and his thesis addressed ‘Digital Watermarking Encryption Algorithms Attacks and Defenses’.