Bob Leek

Board Member - SIM

Bob helps organizations improve their business outcomes by leading diverse teams of 5 to 400 people using technology and inclusive leadership practices.  He is an ambitious, results-oriented team leader with over twenty-five years of leadership experience, including capital projects, software development and support, system integration, and information technology executive positions. Bob brings his extensive experience in leading Information Technology and Operations teams in strategic planning and tactical execution of yearly and multi-year efforts towards transformational change. His recent experience in public service has rounded out his service leadership skills, delivering solutions and improved outcomes across multiple areas of public services including health, human services, libraries, and public safety. Bob’s previous roles have included a concentration in human and pet health care for over thirteen years.  Through his career, Bob has developed experience in health care, retail operations, corporate reporting and decision support system development, sales, accounting and financial analysis, international operations, logistics management, and staff recruiting, supervision, and retention, and he is an avid golfer and part time poker player.

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