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Brian Lillie

Chief Product Officer - Equinix

Brian Lillie joined Equinix in August 2008 and today leads the company’s products and services strategy and development as Chief Product Officer. Mr. Lillie oversees Equinix’s entire colocation, interconnection and services product portfolio, focusing on advancing innovation that’s inspired by customer needs and can evolve to meet the digital economy’s demands. 

Prior to his current role, Mr. Lillie served as Chief Customer Officer and EVP of Technology Services. In that position, he worked directly with customers to guide them through their Equinix experience and better understand how to help them succeed in an increasingly digital and cloud-first world.

Mr. Lillie also served for eight years as global CIO of Equinix, helping lead enterprise-wide IT initiatives and developing several groundbreaking products and technologies. They include the Equinix Cloud Exchange portal and API platform, the Equinix Customer Portal, Equinix Marketplace Portal and the Equinix Internet Exchange Portal. Mr. Lillie also founded and led the global Equinix-on-Equinix program, which demonstrates for current and prospective Equinix clients the value of products and services running on Platform Equinix™. 

Before joining Equinix, Mr. Lillie held several senior-level executive roles at VeriSign, including Vice President of Global Information Systems and Vice President of Global Sales Operations. Mr. Lillie also served as Senior Director of Enterprise Applications at Silicon Graphics (SGI), where he successfully implemented Oracle ERP globally. Mr. Lillie is a U.S. Air Force veteran, where he served in several leadership roles in space research and development, satellite operations, and military computers and communications.

Mr. Lillie holds a Master of Science degree in Management from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications Management from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Montana State University.


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