Shintan Chin

Chintan Shah

Vice President of Data Science and Analytics - Hyla Mobile

Chintan Shah is the Vice President of Data Science and Analytics at Hyla Mobile. He leads the Analytics, Data Science, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence within HYLA and is responsible for development of HYLA Analytics platform (Device IQ) that provides customers with actionable insights in the domain of mobile device lifecycle.  Chintan has over 16 years of experience building, and leading organizations centered on Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. In his various roles, he developed and executed on enterprise information management, information delivery and data monetization strategies. Prior to Joining HYLA, Chintan led the data warehousing and business intelligence team at Verizon. Chintan has MS in Computer and Information Systems from Southern Illinois University and Business Data Mining certificate from Oklahoma State University.

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