Chris Meyerpeter LI

Chris Meyerpeter

CIO - Ardent Mills

A CIO, digital strategist, and delivery executive; Chris spent 21 years at Monsanto Company before joining Ardent Mills in February 2018. Chris has spent his career helping to shape the landscape, digital strategy and transformation within the agricultural industry. He is a progressive leader that focuses on people development, customer experience, customer service, technology implementation, business process design, business strategy creation, merger and acquisition strategy, and digital product development. Chris has been asked to speak at numerous trade shows / industry conferences on the innovative ways in which he continues to drive his team to operate. He has been awarded the Excellence in Leadership Award in Monsanto for continued excellence in leading broad, diverse, global teams through his career. Chris was influential in bringing the Design Thinking and Human Centered Approach to project delivery and strategy creation within Monsanto. Notable Career Milestones: 1991 - Chris served his country as a Radioman in the US Navy and began his journey in the IT field on the USS Dahlgren, USS Milwaukee, and USS Enterprise 1996 - 2006 - Chris is asked to lead many multimillion dollar transformation projects to introduce CRM, E-Comm erce, Analytics, Business Intelligence, R&D platforms, among others. 2009 - As the Chief Information Officer for Monsanto’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa business. Chris integrated a $800 Million acquisition, implemented a CRM capability across the region, and created a single IT team for all lines of business. 2012 - Chris is asked to create a product strategy for an IT platform that allowed Monsanto to help farmers manage their farm operations more efficiently. This lead to a $1 Billion dollar acquisition of The Climate Company by Monsanto 2013 - As Commercial Operations Lead and CIO of $1 Billion dollar business. Chris created the global Portfolio Management strategy to manage existing and launch new products in the marketplace. 2014 - Chris Implemented CRM platform with global sales processes across $1 Billion line of business. Resulting in 10% increase in Revenue. 2016 - Chris is asked to carry over his success to a $17 Billion organization to implement Marketing Automation, Sales Effectiveness processes, Revenue and Product Optimization processes, and Demand Generation / Trialing processes. 2018 – Chris joined Ardent Mills, the largest producer / miller of flour and specialty grains in North America, as the Chief Information Officer.

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