Dan Munivez

Director IT, M&A, Project Portfolio Management - Aptiv

International business/ information technology leader with a proven track record of creating environments where human capital can flourish by developing people, effectively leading top talent and setting the preconditions that enable high-performance.

Personal ability to translate conceptual and domain knowledge into action by "selling" others on the value of goals while working with and through others in their implementation.

Innovative by nature to challenge orthodoxies/dogmas & understand unarticulated needs when applying technology to solve business problems. Particularly adept at identifying, assessing and executing within Merger & Acquisition transactions through the lens of a Business Technologist using data & analytics to recognize value, risk and opportunity when two businesses combine for technology growth & synergistic gain.

- Leadership
- High Performance Culture
- Interpersonal Communication
- Merger & Acquisition (M&A) - Diligence & Integration
- Strategic & Visionary Thinking
- Transformational Change ie. Problem Solving

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