David Furtzaig

Chief Technical Strategist - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Dave is a Chief Technologist and Strategist for HPE's Americas FSI Vertical / Top Accounts, delivering 30 years of experience in technology innovation and thought leadership to his clients.

Dave began his career as a Developer with a startup specializing in Dept-of-Defense Communications Systems, Simulators, Data Modeling  building Compilers, modeling systems and data visualization solutions.

In the early 1990's, he expanded into Financial Services by focusing on Wall Street Brokerages, Market Makers, Consumer Banking and Insurance companies, delivering modern client-server solutions. During his 12 year tenure with Sun Microsystems, he drove in partnership with numerous Wall Street firms, technological advancements which enabled his clients integration with firmwide systems / partner systems ( exchanges and broker dealer connectivity ), delivering increased market share.

Dave invested the next 10 years with various Financial services providers such as Citco ( a Hedge Fund Books and Records Service provider), JPMC and UBS within their Global Technology organizations in order to see and understand the complexities from within the Fin Svc client businesses.  Dave lead various Private cloud Architecture, Design and Engineering teams which delivered end-2-end CI/CD.

Dave joined Hewlett Packard with Twenty eight years of technology innovation, architecture, design, integration, implementation experience covering infrastructure technologies and software development, in order to bring that knowledge to his new clients.

Dave holds a Masters of Computer Sciences from Steven's Institute of Technology, right across the river in Hoboken, NJ. Where he also lives with his family.

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