Dawood Khan

Dawood Khan

Partner and Founder and Board Member, TransformationWorx Inc. - RedMobile Consulting

Dawood Khan is a Partner at RedMobile Consulting and a Founder and on the Board of TransformationWorx Inc.

TransformationWorx is an EdTech startup helping organizations understand and apply emerging technologies including Blockchain to address business challenges as part of their Digital Transformation.

Dawood provides Management, Innovation and Technology consulting to executives and business leaders for over 23 years. He is an Industry expert in business and digital transformation, and use of smart and emerging technologies and business models to innovatively meet business goals. Over the last year, Dawood has been increasingly focused on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and the emerging opportunities they create.

He has worked with clients to develop innovation-focused strategies. He has helped organizations plan and execute their Digital Transformation journey through use of human-centric “Design Thinking” to rapidly prototype and iterate to get from a concept to proof-of-concept, and to commercial deployment of new services and products.

Dawood also helps His recent work includes planning and developing strategic roadmaps for large smart city initiatives, intelligent infrastructure asset planning, customer engagement using emerging tech (FI/FinTech), retail digital customer experience design, public safety broadband network plan, funding and partnership models for DBOFM projects, proof-of-concept prototyping using IoT, Analytics, Cloud, and Mobile all as part of one application. Most recently, he has been working on Blockchain initiatives.

He has a Master of Electrical Engineering Degree from Columbia University,  N.Y.; a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University, and is a practicing CMC and Professional Engineer. 

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