As Chief Information Officer at Icahn Enterprises, Dustin Goodwin is responsible for leading the delivery of Wall Street-grade mobility, security and support to Icahn’s corporate offices. In addition, he leads IT operations of smaller privately-held Icahn businesses and frequently advises IT leaders within the portfolio on various digital and security initiatives. Among his peer group of CIO’s within the Icahn investment portfolio,  Dustin advocates the adoption of leading edge digital technologies and organizational practices and is constantly in search of new technologies that will provide competitive advantages to the diverse set of industries in which Icahn invests. As required, Dustin consults with the investment team on technology-related opportunities.   Prior to joining Icahn, Dustin served as a director at Royal Bank of Canada; worked for The Blackstone Group, Cisco Systems, and Citigroup; and has consulted independently for many Wall Street firms.

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