Erwin Carrow

Erwin "Chris" Carrow


Strategic-operational leadership for security utilizing creative and innovative aptitudes, skills, and expertise in Information Technology. Develop IT security solutions for governance, compliance, assurance, forensics and operations with a holistic approach throughout an organization with specific and sustainable business requirements.

A born change agent. Unquenchable passion for security challenges -- produce creative problem solving with a win-win solution orientation. Results-driven professional that thrives in collaborative environments with colleagues motivated by accountability, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. Respectfully challenge the status quo and provide continuous improvement and innovation in the outcomes produced.

Instrumental in implementing security controls / constraints to IT footprint for both traditional and cloud-based service environments. Implement and maintain efforts for global ISO/IEC 27001, NIST, COBIT, SAE16, SOC2-3, standards and certifications. Ensure compliance for PII/HIPAA, SOX, CALEA and PCI-DSS requirements.

Direct and drive information and information system objectives to align, sustain, improve, and innovate information solutions, tools, communications and support for organizational objectives. Supported various constituents with information technology and support services, along with fiscal management of associated personnel and resources.

Conduct enterprise risk assessment and planning, perform information and information system audit programs and audits to assess risk management, compliance, policies, and strategic initiatives, evaluate internal information system controls, and provide management guidance for improving of operations.

Environments include current OS technologies and associated services, traditional and cloud-based infrastructures. Designing, purchasing, performance monitoring, fault tolerance strategies, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery of all network assets and applications. 

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