Frank Capek

CIO - Customer Innovations

Frank has spent 25 years helping companies design and deliver the most compelling experiences for their customers.  Over this time, he’s had the chance to work with more than 50 major corporations in the financial services, retail, consumer products and services, health care, hospitality industries.  His clients have included:   JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, ING, Nationwide, American Express, Amway, Jiffy Lube, Principal Financial, Equitable, MIT, Novartis, Merck, Kaiser Permanente, Humana, OSF Healthcare, Convergys, Marriott, HomeBanc, United Van Lines, Mayflower, Zale, Michelin, JM Family Enterprises, and ContiGroup.  His work has focused on helping these companies:   understand how customers think, feel, and act; designing products, services, processes, and technology that enable more effective customer experiences; and aligning leadership, employee experiences, and organizational behavior to deliver.

Frank’s research and intellectual energy has been focused on understanding the cognitive, affective, and behavioral bases of how people experience the world… independent of their roles as customers, employees, or members of any social network.  He is the primary architect for Customer Innovations’ Experience Miner and Experience Designer toolsets.   Frank graduated with degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT; mathematics from the State University of New York; and has conducted research and advanced studies in artificial intelligence and applied mathematics.