Fred Mapp

President & CEO - Quality Service Solutions LLC

Mr. Mapp has more than 40 years of experience in the areas of information technology systems, applications, infrastructure support, customer support and consulting services. During that time he has held senior executive-level positions with companies such as IBM, InfoSpan and American Express as well as the position of Chief Information Officer for Honeywell and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). In addition, Mr. Mapp served as CEO and President of the World Congress on Information Technology, a forum that is held every two years under the direction of the World Information Technology Services Alliance. He currently operates his own consulting company, Quality Service Solutions, providing various business and information technology services and assisting companies with their IT strategy.

Fred has extensive experience developing and defining IT objectives and strategic plans and in the implementation of technology to support business requirements. He also has a strong background in outsourcing, data center efficiency, project and process management, six sigma and quality deployment. 
Mr. Mapp has expertise in aligning business processes and requirements with technology. As a result of experiences he has accumulated working and consulting with a variety of Fortune 500 companies, he has developed a seven-step process that maps information technology to business goals. He explains this process in-depth in his book, Mapping Information Technology to Your Business.

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