Gary has 30 years international experience in the IT industry. In his most recent role he was the Chief Information Officer for SunGard Availability Services, a trusted partner in IT availability and business continuity services. Gary joined in March 2012, and has been focused on a consolidation and standardization strategy, while maintaining tactical progress in a challenging and rapidly shifting technological and economic climate. Prior to SunGard Availability Services, Gary was the CIO at Taconic Farms Inc., a leading provider of life sciences solutions to drug discovery researchers worldwide. In less than 3 years, Gary transformed the IT function, and the business processes, from diverse local activity, to world class global operations and management. Before that Gary was CIO at Markem Corporation, a trusted world manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, offering a full line of print and apply labeling and RFID-based systems, where in addition to his transformational role implementing a single global Enterprise solution, Gary also pioneered work around global “track and trace” using RFID and web service technologies. Gary has held numerous previous international roles, both in consultancy and end user capacity, serving multiple industry vertical segments, from electronics to capital equipment manufacture. During his career, Gary has been an active participant in industry “Thought Leadership” circles and served on multiple Oracle advisory boards, and spoken in public at industry events, on topics including IT Strategy & Operational Excellence, Globalization and the effect on IT, Cloud, and has a case study published by IDC.

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