Gautam Vyas

SVP & Chief Growth Officer, Global Payments Division - FIS Global

Gautam Vyas is SVP and Chief Growth Officer at FIS. Gautam was recruited to FIS in 2016 to build its Global Professional Services business, drive its growth trajectory, and leads FIS’ Software & Professional Services business. Gautam added Growth Officer responsibilities in 2018. As Chief Growth Officer, Gautam’s responsibilities include accelerating FIS’ top and bottom-line growth through new and unique Services, expanding new and existing client footprint, and creating new distribution channels. FIS’ Software and Professional Services division is a Payments modernizer that actively supports financial institutions globally, helping clients meet their payments unification goals across the entire organization - through Payments Strategy consulting, Large scale system integrations, Business transformation, process customizations, implementation of licensed and hosted software, ancillary services, and Go To Market plans. Gautam’s division also ignites its client’ growth through Portfolio expansion, Advanced Analytics & customer adoption & programs execution. Prior to FIS, Gautam has held senior executive roles in large Financial companies and Management Consulting firms like Equifax, Ernst & Young and others, building and transforming businesses and fueling growth. Gautam is advisory board member of CxO advisory organizations, and at Kansas State School of Business, his alma mater. Gautam is an active participant in FinTech industry thought leadership, and actively speaks at industry forums on Strategy, Innovation & Trends, Data and Analytics, and Business Transformation topics. He earned his M.S (Electronics) from S.P. University and MBA from Kansas State University. Gautam is based in Atlanta area with his teams across the Globe.