Geoffrey Aranoff

Vice President, Information Security - Western Digital Corporation

Geoff Aranoff joined Western Digital in February, 2016 as the Vice President, Information Security. In this role Mr. Aranoff is the head of information security and is responsible for developing and implementing the enterprise security strategy that protects the electronic assets and the supporting infrastructure that includes the manufacturing and engineering systems, corporate systems, and intellectual property. His organization continually evaluates the ongoing internal and external risks to Western Digital and adopts long and short-term strategies to mitigate risks and threats within an appropriate budget.  Mr. Aranoff leads the organization responsible for adopting and enforcing policies for internal and external risk management, IT security including network, application, endpoint, and storage security.   

Mr. Aranoff was previously the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Broadcom Corporation where he initiated and built the information security program.  Mr. Aranoff developed enterprise security strategies that provided the necessary monitoring and controls for Broadcom’s intellectual property (IP), as well as facilitated electronic discovery for litigations and electronic forensics for internal and external inquiries and investigations. Mr. Aranoff also served 6 years in the United State Marine Corp Reserves and was activated for Desert Storm in 1990.  

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