James Williams

Director, CIO Advisory - Modern Delivery - KPMG

As KPMG's Modern Delivery solution leader, James integrates Agile principles, DevOps approaches, product management methodologies and automated value chain functions to create collaborative cultures that drive outcomes.  With more than 20 years of global management consulting and business experience, he applies his advanced knowledge of application development, cloud, and infrastructure automation capabilities to define and execute strategies that break down traditional silos and address critical operational challenges while enabling the successful delivery of new and improved client services.   

James has also defined and executed strategic infrastructure modernization programs, which have included the migration of applications workloads to cloud platforms and the creation of consumable architectural components to support cloud operations.

James has advised global companies across the communications, energy, consumer goods manufacturing and financial services industries. 

James holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University and resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife Michelle Williams their 2 children, Faith and Wesley.  His passions include mentoring, watching football, and hiking.

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