Jason Kolb

CEO/CTO - Dais

Jason Kolb is a successful technical entrepreneur excited by the ability of technology to change the world, and in particular the powerful competitive advantages created by data.

As a programmer since age 12 he quickly became attracted to the opportunities that emerge from using data in new and different ways. He was the founding CTO of Latigent, one of the first Web-based analytics providers, which was subsequently acquired by Cisco. Jason spent three years in technical leadership at Cisco focusing on intellectual property and big data strategy.

Jason grew interested in how data interacts with the physical world and began to explore the Internet of Things, eventually becoming the founding CTO of Uptake in Chicago. Uptake grew from 2 employees to 400 in during Jason's tenure, becoming Forbes' Hottest Startup of 2015 and reaching a billion dollar valuation in 15 months. It has gone on to reach a $2 billion valuation in early 2017.

Jason left Uptake in early 2016 to explore a few important trends that were beginning to emerge outside of IoT. He is now the CEO/CTO of a young startup based in Chicago which is still in stealth mode.

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