Jason McKay Cropped

Jason McKay

Chief Information Officer and VP of Marketing & Communications - NAPEC

Jason McKay is the Chief Information Officer and VP of Marketing & Communications for NAPEC and its subsidiaries.  Jason is responsible to create and manage an aggressive digital strategy which includes the traditional IT infrastructure but also the operation technology that is required in the field for Operations teams.  This includes aligning business processes across all functional areas for continuous improvement.

Jason is also responsible for Marketing & Communications which includes internal communications to employees as well as developing the message and brand for external communications and marketing.  

As an Executive Advisor to SophiaTX, a blockchain startup, Jason helps guide the development of the platform to create real world solutions in logistics, supply chain, and other redefined value chains.

Prior to NAPEC, Jason was with Alstom as the Director of IT for the Americas.  He was also the Global Project Manager for various eDiscovery coordinating activities between Legal, HR, IT, and Operations.