As Chief Technology Officer of the Nation’s premier Public Health Agency, Jaspal Sagoo is responsible for and leads the development of Information Technology standards, best practices and strategic guidance in support of CDC’s business and scientific mission priorities.

Under Mr. Sagoo, the CTO Office operates both the CDC Technology R&D and Infrastructure Architecture activities. Mr. Sagoo has been with CDC since 1989, serving in a number of roles. Beginning at the CDC National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHSTP), Sagoo served as a Senior Network Engineer and Chief Technology Officer and Co-chair of the CDC CTO Council. 

Since 2004, Mr. Sagoo has served as the CDC Chief Technology Officer, playing a significant role in the development of CDC IT Tactical and Strategic IT Policy. In addition to his role as CTO, Mr. Sagoo co-chairs the HHS Cloud Computing Advisory Council (CCAC), the CDC High-Performance Computing (HPC) committee and co-chairs the CDC Innovation and New Technologies Subcommittee (INTS).

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