John Dalton

John Dalton

Managing Partner - McDonald Dalton Capital Partners, L.L.C.

McDonald Dalton Capital Partners, L.L.C.  (2011 – Present) - Managing Partner

The Company operates as a Sell-Side Investment Bank. ( - Mr. Dalton responsibilities include the company’s technology and energy operations. His duties include securing buyers for profitable private clients with revenues ranging from $25M to $500M. Mr. Dalton manages the Houston, Texas office. 

Zeteky, Inc. (July 2014 to Present) Chairman & CEO – ( - Through its investment vehicle, Resurgent Energy, llc, Mr. Dalton and other key investors made a strategic investment during July of 2014 in iThinQware, Inc., subsequently CloseWatch Technologies, Inc., and today Zeteky, Inc. 

Zeteky has enjoyed substantial success in developing and deploying its products and services in law enforcement, schools, the U.S. Army and in the private sector. Zeteky’s product lines give Voice to the often-quoted phase “See Something – Say Something”. 

The Company’s dynamic App for law enforcement gathers information from the public and transmits it to the CloseWatch dashboard. This enables law-enforcement clients to manage tips received ranging from terroristic threats, to human trafficking, and to everyday criminal activities. 

The App and Dashboard provides on-the-fly translation capabilities in 108 languages coupled with state-of-the-art, military-grade geospatial location capabilities. 

The Company’s App has applications in schools throughout the country helping school staff and administrators receive critical information concerning weapons, drug activity and other serious issues while allowing information on bullying and other inappropriate behavior to flow to the proper individuals. 

The school App in use in North Carolina has aided in the referral of numerous teen suicides cases to the Teen Suicide Prevention Hotline . It has also been primarily responsible for the arrest, conviction and incarceration of a teacher/pedophile involved with a minor aged student.

Zeteky’s customized apps has been effectively used in the United State Army Materiel Command for base security and supply management. The Company has developed FirstHand, a safety observations and incident reporting app which is used in the energy industry.

Dalton Creations, L.L.C. (1999-2012) Managing Partner of a privately held entity, ( involved in locating and funding public and private investment opportunities as well as providing executive leadership to companies where he held ownership interest. Dalton Creations also partnered with Capital Alliance from 2001to 2011 performing investment banking services to clients selling their companies. At Dalton Creations, Mr. Dalton led the hostile take-over of Calypso Wireless, (Nasdaq CLYW) a company that developed key aspects of today’s wireless mobile convergent capabilities. 

WorldPort Communications, Inc. (1990-1999)

Mr. Dalton was President and Chief Executive Officer of WorldPort Communications, Inc. (“WorldPort”) an international communications company involved in trans-Atlantic fiber-ownership, domestic and international switching operations, operator services and technology based communications solutions for the international tele-communications industry.  Mr. Dalton was responsible for WorldPort’s technology strategy enabling international call re-origination from low-cost countries to high-cost countries around the globe.  As co-founder of WorldPort, Mr. Dalton participated in raising $250 million in capital, and led the development and implementation of the company’s business strategies. During his tenure WorldPort created $350 million in market capitalization (Nasdaq-WRDP) for the stockholders of the company.  WorldPort was sold in a private transaction to Energsis of London, England during 1999 for $570M. 

From 1976 to 1990, Mr. Dalton was sole owner of a successful permanent and temporary employment company in Houston, Texas (sold 1990).  Mr. Dalton served as Internal Audit Director for Anderson Clayton (Quaker Oats/Seven Seas Foods) from 1969-1971, Controller/Associate Publisher of World Tennis Magazine from 1971-1973 and served as Controller for Buttes Gas & Oil a domestic oil and gas company and as International Controller for its subsidiary - Progress Drilling & Marine, Inc., a sixty-rig international drilling operation. (1973-1976)


Texas Tech University – BBA in Public Administration/minor in accounting (1970)

University of Houston - Advanced accounting hours (1970-1974).

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