John Jacobs

Field CISO - Fortinet

John is a field CISO and has previously built and led teams of solution architects and systems engineers at Fortinet. Their goals have been to provide comprehensive security consulting, design, architecture, and implementation services with measured results in improved organizational security and resilience.

Prior to joining Fortinet in early 2013, John held engineering, sales and leadership roles with some of the largest service providers and manufacturers. He began network computing with the introduction of Windows 3.1.1 in the mid-1990s and has never lost interest in the expanding field. His diverse roles offer him the ability to relate to multiple aspects of business challenges.

John is a self-published author from his early days at Juniper Networks and continues to be an avid consumer and participant in multiple technical blogs and podcasts as well as public speaking engagements. He holds degrees in Business Management and Cybersecurity/Information-Assurance and resides in Seattle, Washington, where he delights in the abundance of beauty and outdoor activity that nature has to offer while playing an active role in community philanthropy.

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