John Raucci

Director of Investigations - National Football League

John G. Raucci is the former Assistant Director of the FBI's Human Resources Division.  He is now employed as the Director of Investigations for the National Football League.  

A 25-year veteran of the FBI, John Raucci was born and raised in ChicagoIllinois. He earned both his undergraduate degree (Business Administration) and his graduate degree from colleges in the state of Illinois, and also earned a law degree from the Detroit College of Law. Raucci joined the FBI in 1987 as a Special Agent, and was assigned to field operation assignments in Phoenix, Arizona; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois, and Jackson, Mississippi.  

Raucci was promoted to FBI Headquarters in 1998 and assigned to the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and the Inspection Division.  He served three separate executive tours at FBI Headquarters, including a 2004 assignment as the Chief of the Security Operations Section of the Security Division. 

In December 2006, Raucci was promoted to the position/rank of Assistant Director overseeing, among other things, the administrative services of the FBI.  In July 2009, Raucci was selected to oversee FBI operations in London, England, and to serve as the FBI on-scene executive for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Raucci retired from the FBI in September 2012, for a position with the NFL.  He is married and has four adult children.

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