JP Rosato

JP Rosato

CEO - Sitehands

JP Rosato started his career solving highly complex and visible infrastructure problems. Perplexed by the inefficiency and excited by the opportunity that existed for anyone who could reinvent and solve the fragmented IT field services space, Sitehands was born in 2016. As CEO and founder of Sitehands, Mr. Rosato provides the vision and executive leadership that has enabled Sitehands to change the paradigm for technology field services delivery. Today, Sitehands has 120+ full time employees worldwide and a global network of field service technicians performing work for the largest Financial Institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to Sitehands,  Mr. Rosato founded CS Technology, where he remains as Chairman of the Board. He also serves on several corporate advisory boards and industry panels and is a frequent speaker at technology-related industry events.

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