Keith Johnson

VP of Global Accounts - Jama Software

Keith Johnson is the Vice President of Global Accounts with Jama Software.  In this role, Keith is responsible to strategize with Jama Software’s largest global customers to ensure Jama Connect and Jama Analyze are meeting the product development improvements, efficiencies and clarity the customers expect.  Keith understands the different development processes and initiatives for his customer to identify how Jama Software can provide the best value.  Keith works across all of Jama Software’s targeted industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Medical Device, Semiconductor, Automotive, Finance, Industrial Technologies and many more.  Prior to Keith’s current role he was previously Jama Software’s VP of Engineering and VP of European Business Development.  Keith has worked with Jama Software for more than seven years and has seen the company grow from startup to an industry leading growth company.

Prior to joining Jama Software, Keith was the Deputy CIO of Multnomah County in Portland, Oregon, Director of Application Development at ACS, Inc. and managed software development teams at ADP, Inc.  Keith has worked for three Fortune 500 companies and in both public and private industries.