Kim Terry

EVP & CIO - OceanX, LLC

Kim Terry for 5 ½ years was the Chief Information Officer at Guthy-Renker LLC in Santa Monica. December 2015 brought to a close a successful three-year effort to modernize Guthy-Renker’s core order processing systems, moving from a batch mainframe to a real time ecosystem of applications. This technology transformation has empowered change throughout the organization, freeing the company to make significant advancements in its operations.

As of January 2016, Kim assumed broader responsibilities as Executive Vice President & CIO for a new Guthy-Renker spin-off company named OceanX, LLC.

The mission of OceanX is to “Power the Membership Economy” with subscription order processing, customer experience call center services, nationwide fulfillment facilities, complex credit handling services and advanced “big data” customer intelligence insights. OceanX delivers this turnkey functionality as outsourced services for companies wishing to create or expand a "Direct to Consumer" subscription channel for their business.

Prior to OceanX, Kim also held IT leadership positions at Everbridge, LLC, Jafra Cosmetics and spent many years leading technology adoption across multiple business units at Transamerica Corporation.



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