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Larry has spent the last 26 years in small to large companies successfully implementing emerging technologies. He grew up in a family business which gave him an entrepreneurial spirit. He has been featured in ComputerWorld Magazine for a children’s banking kiosk and has appeared on many television shows presenting products.

Larry was formerly the CIO for, recently acquired by The Home Depot. is the number one seller of blinds online and consistently in the Internet Retailer top 200 list. He is currently involved in implementing a new eCommerce Platform that will support selling highly customizable products.

Prior to GCC Larry was the Chief Enterprise Architect at Aegis Mortgage.

Prior to Aegis Mortgage Larry worked at JPMorganChase, Institutional Trust as the Vice President for development. Larry managed the IT portion of a $50 million process re-engineering project which included the acquisition of a software company.

Prior to JPMorganChase Larry worked for Enron Energy Services as the Director of Web Development.

In 1998, he joined Bank United as the Vice President of Emerging Technology.  Larry’s team helped introduce and implement emerging technologies to the bank. Projects that Larry led at the bank are; a kids’ Kiosk for young Bank United customers, biometric security, web banking, and alternative web access devices. Larry sat on the E-Commerce Working Group that examined new risks associated with E-Commerce and new legislation pertaining to this emerging business.

Prior to joining Bank United, Larry was with National Australia Bank serving in the role of System & Data Architect.  He worked in Australia on a strategy for alternative delivery of bank services. 

Prior to National Australia Bank Larry worked for FiServ managing the development of PC Loan Origination and Secondary Marketing software.

Larry began his career in the family’s furniture refinishing product business, QRB Industries. Larry appeared on several television shows promoting their products. QRB was one of the top 10 infomercials in 1998 and was featured on the Regis Philbin talk show in 1997.

He is an avid cave diver and works with government and university agencies in the exploration and research of the Texas aquifer. He is also an avid skydiver and BASE jumper and spent 10 days in Norway jumping off of 3000’ cliffs during the summer of 2015.

Larry lives in Houston with his wife Brenda and has two children, Joshua and Tasha who are attending college.

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