Lo Li

SVP, CIO of Global Consumer Solutions - Equifax

Lo Li is the Senior Vice President, CIO of Global Consumer Solutions at Equifax. She has spent the past two decades leading global multi-billion dollar corporations for some of the world’s most renowned hospitality and retail brands in the world, working with hundreds of teams dispersed in the UK, China, Singapore and India. Some of her work includes the creation for dynamic pricing and predictive analytics engines for global hotels, scaling big data and Agile to enable business transformation at large retailers including double digit growth plans for digital and international presence.

She brings a deep understanding of how to translate corporate visions and strategies into simple, elegant solutions - using her international business acumen and technology background as both a business enabler and a competitive differentiator.

Lo Li is multi-lingual - fluent in Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, English, is the recipient of the several industry awards such as the March of Dimes Women of Distinction Award, and serves on the Board of Directors for several national organizations. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Georgia.

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