Mark Pettovello, Ph.D.

Big Data Architect - General Motors

My best value is achieved when solving large, ill-defined, challenging business and computing problems.

Having a passion for leadership, I have fifteen years of experience leading teams up to twelve staff through the successful execution and delivery of many software projects. Having a passion for technology, for a hobby I ultimately pursued and obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science. As a scientist, I like to research, experiment, prototype, invent and build new and better solutions to solve problems and invent the future. Strengths Finder: Strategic Mindset- Ideation, Achiever, Futuristic, Learner, Intellection.

Technical Specialties: Hyper-scale Distributed Computing, Software Architecture, Database (Peer-to-Peer, NoSQL, Cassandra, Spark, Hive, SQL, RDBMS), Integration (Pulsar, Kafka, ESB), Security (CISSP, cryptography, secure coding), and Software Development (Java and VSC++). Research interests and hobby projects include Data Science & Analytics, AI Agent-Based Simulation and Gaming, Data Mining, Machine Learning, High-Dimensional Real-Time Visualization, Image and Video Processing, and Robotics.

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